The Tuesday XI: Superheroes

Because sometimes the Tuesday 10 goes to XI: This week, in honor of last Friday’s “League of Extraordinary Footballers” post: The Superhero XI

For our formation, we’ll break out the Magic Rectangle, tilted slightly all the way through, with the fullbacks providing width.

The Super Rectangle

GK — Mister Fantastic – For reasons too obvious to enumerate.

LB — Deadpool – Little known fact: all left backs are crazy.

CB — Batman – We’re counting on him to become an expert reader of the game, as he is these days with everything else.

CB — Thor – Our physical presence. We would have gone with the Hulk, but as you’d imagine he makes it into the book quite a bit.

RB — Flash – No one gets back faster when possession is lost.

DM — Captain America – Strong, fast, and physical, the only type of central midfielder the US actually produces.

CM — Nightcrawler – Has a habit of popping up in our box to make crucial blocks and their box to score crucial goals.

CM — Spider-Man – As far as I know, the laws of the game don’t say anything about webbing.

AM — Hawkeye – Deadball and long-range specialist. Hasn’t hit a shot off target in his last 100 appearances.

Deep-Lying Forward — Green Lantern – The creative force on the attacking end. If he can think it, he can do it.

CF — Superman – Towering target man and speed merchant all rolled up into one.

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2 Responses to The Tuesday XI: Superheroes

  1. Ogo Sylla says:

    Haha the Superman & Green Lantern are the BEST LOL

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