The Tuesday Ten

Seriously? Why do they need him and Xabi Alonso? Could someone explain that to me?

Destinations for Nuri Sahin that would have been as disappointing as Real Madrid.

Stoke: Though a Sahin-Delap central midfield pairing would be fascinating.
LA Galaxy: They already have a guy playing what’s known out there as the Beckham role.
Bursaspor: Be honest, how many times have you seen Jozy play in the last couple of months?
Manchester City: They’d probably play him as a defensive-minded left winger.
Boca Juniors: El Diego has another daughter, which could spell trouble.
Green Bay Packers:  He’s got good range, but Brian Urlacher would eat him for breakfast with a hard-boiled egg.
Chelsea: Hiddink won’t even play him for Turkey. What’s he going to do when Yossi Benayoun is around?
West Ham: If a player has 45 passes that lead directly to goals in the Championship, and no one watches, do they still count as assists?
Juventus: Would end up getting carded trying to sneak past the “No one under 25 allowed” sign.
Barcelona: …….

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