The Tuesday Ten

Yes, you've already seen it. No, we couldn't not include it.

Tweets about Ryan Giggs (formed into a narrative).

1) @JeremyH61: It is Ryan Giggs behind the Injunction.

Satire of Revelation
2) @AngryBritain: BREAKING NEWS: Ryan Giggs named in the Commons by MP as #superinjunction footballer. And in other news, the sky is blue.
3) @danielabbs Can’t believe everyone is blaming the non-existent #rapture on Ryan Giggs!
4) @nonsoinbills #Ryan #Giggs #Imogen #Thomas. Not implying anything there. Just popular names I found online.
5) @AngryBritain 36 flights cancelled tomorrow already due to the #ashcloud. One private jet definitely flying out of Manchester.
6) @91Davis91 Put the morality to one side and you’ve got to say that Ryan Giggs was punching above his weight!

Anger Directed Towards Satire
7) @MikeP131079 Nearly every tweet on my timeline is about Ryan f****** Giggs!
8) @JasperS08 Right, Twitter, enough with the lousy Ryan Giggs jokes. They’re getting boring now.

Confusion Over Revelation, Anger and Satire
9) @f1print Who is Ryan Giggs?
10) @iauthentic Someone explain all this Ryan Giggs hype and what’s it got to do with politics?

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