World Soccer Draft 2011

All of these guys were picked...Eventually. Which one went last?

O87 cordially welcomes you to the 2011 edition of the World Soccer Draft, where all official and legal bonds are dissolved and Rooney can share the same opposition half as Fabregas and Modric. We selected eight of the most knowledgeable soccer enthusiasts we knew, and asked them to ponder this situation, come up with player rankings and potential formations, and gather together Sunday, June 19th to conscript players into their sides.

Teams consisted of eleven players plus three substitutes and a coach, for a total of 15 rounds. We used a snake draft format, so for those of you who have never played fantasy (American) football, the team with the last pick got the 8th and 9th overall pick, and the team with the first pick got the 16th and 17th overall pick. After the draft was completed, each drafter had the opportunity to arrange his 15 players into a squad, describing the formation and tactics he envisions for them. We’ll post two of these per day during the course of the first week, until all eight teams have been made public.

The goal was to create the best team possible for the 2011-2012 season. Obviously measuring this objectively would be impossible, so instead we’re using the second-best method of settling anything: impassioned debate.

(NB: Because we’re doing this subjectively, there’s really no good way to account for random injuries and/or injury history. We don’t want it to devolve into a “But he’d get hurt”-“He might not!” back and forth, so we’re leaving it out of consideration. In other words, you would go ahead and pick Arjen Robben.)

So, after the teams are revealed, we’ll gather a second time and argue about whose team is best. Each owner will have an opportunity to defend or accept any criticisms of their team, and to praise or critique the work of others, all in a spirit of good fun, of course. At the end of the debates, we’ll hold a vote, weeding out teams from the bottom before choosing a victor from three finalists.

We imagine that if you read this far, you’ll have questions about the finer details of the draft. You can ask them to us in the comments section or on Twitter. We’ll do our best to answer them. Some of the said questions may be answered by looking at the teams in the coming days. Stay tuned, sports fans.

Our esteemed drafters (owners in the O87 fantasy world) were (in this order):

Wes Pickard, O87 writer
Eric Betts, O87 writer
Neal Malone, Public Relations Manager for the Atlanta Silverbacks
Fayyaz Mujtaba
Adams Sibley, O87 writer
Ogo Sylla, writer for and
Josh Brzinski
Stefan Meli

We will be posting two teams a day, with short explanations of why each drafter thinks their team is best. We’ll get started tomorrow.

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