The Tuesday Ten

Tuesday Ten: Freddy Adu vs. Panama, a Shakespearean Drama

Act I: Introduction of the hero
@JPatarino And here he comes. Freddy Adu makes his #USMNT first appearance since 2009. Bob Bradley = desperate. #USA

@edsbs 52 year old teenager Freddy Adu in for #USMNT. #EnsureInTheHouse

Act II: Rising action
@racheldulitz Freddy Adu is about to be the first person tonight to trend on Twitter with multiple question marks & exclamation points following his name.

@joshklingler I remember when Scottie Pippen once said Freddy Adu was better than Pele

Act III: Climax
@SoccerByIves WHAT A PASS from Freddy Adu to find Donovan, and Donovan hits the perfect pass to Dempsey. 1-0 USA. Welcome back FreddyAdu

@matchpricks I am unapologetically thrilled that Freddy Adu sprung that attack with a truly fantastic, crossfield, 50-yard pass.

Act IV: Falling action
@joshklingler If Freddy Adu put on about 200 pounds, Kenan Thompson could play him in the movie

@FisolaNYDN In a related story Berman of the Post reports that the Knicks are “targeting” but not “eyeing” Freddy Adu with the 17th pick.

Act V: Resolution, Denoument

@MLS_Insider So was the Freddy Adu comeback special better than Elvis’ in ’68?

The match changed when Freddy Adu entered. There, I said it. #usmnt

[Tweeted while Adu was on the sidelines waiting to be subbed in] @darrenrovell In April ’07, I called Freddy Adu a failure. My critics slammed me saying it was “too early.” Four years later, is it still “too early?” Yes, Darren. It is still too early.

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