World Soccer Draft Debate

Last Sunday, seven out of the eight original drafters got together and discussed each team. Afterwards, we voted to see which one was the best. These are the teams that finished fourth and fifth. Check back tomorrow for our top three.

Wesley Pickard

The Consensus

Muller is one athlete who looks like he has no business being athletic.

Besides the forwards being placed out of order, this Barcelona-Lite team has a solid front three and two good playmakers dishing out plenty of passes. Essien was a decent inclusion to protect the backline. The full backs, both Chelsea starters, are solid enough, but the central defensive pair leaves questions to be asked. Finally, the selection of Cesar at keeper raises a red flag, as the Brazilian international did not have the best of campaigns this season.

What they said
The GoodOgo: “In terms of the front 3, Higuain & Muller are both two players that combine well and move around a lot so they [would be] very good in leaving the space for Messi to drift in to and playing one-twos.”

The BadAdams: “I just see the pair [of Kjaer and Alves] being error-prone. Not saying they’re not capable defenders but…”

The UglyEric: “…and Cesar, as we’ve said before, may not be the guy to clean up their errors either.”

Stefan Meli

The Consensus

Modric is what Paul McCartney would have been had he been a world class footballer.

There’s a lot of talent in this team, but it’s not necessarily constructed to be a game-winning side. Rooney and van Persie both fill the position of the second striker with no true #9 up front, Silva and Modric provide no defensive meddle in the midfield, and Aguero is too far from goal. However, a solid overall backline and a competent goalkeeper are highlights of this squad.

What they said
The GoodNeal: “I think they’re both fantastic center backs.”

The BadOgo: “Aguero on the left is a waste too, too far away from goal.”

The UglyEric: “Modric and Silva aren’t exactly defensive terrors.”
Adams: “I do have a problem with having a midfield pair that is collectively shorter than Bilbo Baggins.”

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