The Tuesday Ten

(The career of Cesc Fabregas, from his transfer to Arsenal until his arrival at Barcelona, summarized in ten book titles.)

The Call of the Wild –A young footballer is compelled to leave his boyhood club, aged 16, by the charm and mystery of England.

Stranger in a Strange Land – Hindered by language and culture, he is unsettled in his new home.

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man – Soon providence provides a path, and over many years the Spanish son becomes a hero for his club.

Things Fall Apart – The Catalans beckon their youth product home; the captain’s reign of peace is cast in doubt by the decision he now faces.

A Wild Sheep Chase – Months pass as the Spanish giants make offer after unsuccessful offer.

War and Peace – Tempers boils over and an exchange of hostilities ensues; however, Cesc pledges his loyalty to his club.

Catch-22 – A year passes and his manager is left with an unsavory decision – decline the transfer and keep an unhappy player, or accept it and lose a captain.

A Light in August – Finally, in August, the Spaniard’s odyssey concludes. He returns home.

In Search of Lost Time – Eight years have passed; Cesc plays catch-up.

Great Expectations (epilogue) – Following this biography’s denouement, will its protagonist live happily ever after?

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