Oh, the Tangled Web…

Hoot hoot.

Arsene Wenger’s internet history, 24 hours before Arsenal vs. Manchester United.

12:01am– Google Calendar // 2651 days since Invincible Era
6:35am– LiveJournal // Dear Diary: I Will Be Strong
6:40am– Kids Gap // Clearance: Button-down Shirts
6:45am– ZonalMarking // Job applications
8:05am– Facebook // Photos of you and Cesc Fabregas
8:41am– RussianBillionaires.com Forum // Anyone interested in a sinking ship?
9:00am– Netflix // He’s Just Not That Into You
11:02am– PeopleWhoLookLikeOwls.com // Premium User Log-In
11:10am– Google Images // Shirtless photos of Alex Ferguson
11:12am– Wikipedia // Stockholm Syndrome
11:15am– eBay // Olay Wrinkle Enhancing Cream
12:58pm– YouTube // Wayne Rooney NEW wonder goal!!!
1:01pm– Google // How much do hair plugs cost in the UK?
1:03pm– Facebook // Message to AbouDiaby2
1:06pm– Facebook // Message from AbouDiaby2
1:08pm– Google // How to apologize to bald men
2:34pm– Netflix // Le Diner de Cons
5:08pm– Google // Where can I hunt mice?
5:10pm– Amazon // Bulk Owl Feed
6:56pm– Facebook // Photos of you and Samir Nasri
7:01pm– iTunes // Download Vampire Weekend – Walcott
7:04pm– eBay // List item: Muzzy English-French VHS like new!!!
8:03am– Google // Convert 60 million pounds to francs
8:19pm– Gmail // Upload attachment: “Wenger’s 20-Year Plan, Introduction”
8:21pm– Gmail // Upload attachment: “Pt. 1, Squad Strong Enough”
8:23pm– Gmail // Upload attachment: “Pt. 2, Investing in Owl Feed Futures”
9:40pm– Netflix // The Notebook
11:50pm– LiveJournal // If Only Ryan Gosling Played Football =(
11:56pmUdineFans.com Forum // Mange la merde!!!!
12:00amGoogle Calendar // 2652 days since Invincible Era

The Friday Predictions
La Liga is finally underway and we take a crack at Sunday’s biggest fixture, Sevilla vs. Malaga.

Wes: Malaga win 3-0 with a brace from Santi Cazorla.

Adams: Sevilla 2-1 Malaga. The nouveau-riche visitors will still be working out the kinks while Sevilla take all 3 points. At least one defender scores.

Eric: Sevilla 1-0 Malaga. First game back from strike is a nervy one, but Sevilla edges a close one by virtue of having a bunch of defenders I always try to buy in Football Manager but can never quite complete the deal for.

The Friday Recommendations

Wes: Aston Villa v. Wolves. Come on, it’s the ESPN game of the week, so it must be good, right?

Adams: UEFA Super Cup, Barcelona vs. FC Porto. Dominant in the league and in Europe. Hailed for their goal-scoring routs. And a young mastermind behind it all. Who am I talking about here? The most exciting teams on the Iberian Peninsula face off in this evening’s championship, so expect one hell of a match. Porto’s new coach Vitor Pereira will look to make a name for himself while Barcelona will field fresh legs thanks to the Liga strike. Today at 2:30pm EST.

Eric: L.A. vs. New York? Crap. Umm. Irene vs. New York? Could be a rough one. Also, I’d like the MLS brass to know that we used to play ultimate frisbee in hurricanes where I came from. What are they so worried about? Likely Sunday, though really, who knows? 

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