The Tuesday Ten

Emmy Edition

1) Don Draper, Mad Men — Pep Guardiola
Sauve, confident, classy dresser, but you wonder if there isn’t a darker side/secret behind all the moody brooding.

2) Walter White, Breaking Bad — Joey Barton
At times, a likeable (at least on Twitter), wicked-good player; at other times, capable of heinous deeds.

3) Tracy Jordan, 30 Rock — Antonio Cassano
What Tracy Jordan is to comedy, Cassano is to soccer: larger than life, has motivation issues, crazy good (sometimes) at what they do, and, well, basically crazy.

4) Michael Scott, The Office — Diego Maradona
The classic player-to-manager success vacuum. Michael Scott (RIP), great as a salesman, terrible as a manager. Maradona to a tee.

5) Ron Swanson, Parks and Recreation — Gennaro Gattuso
The epitome of all that is man, in both cases. I wonder if Gattuso has a similar love for breakfast foods.

6) The Doctor, Dr. Who — Lionel Messi
Seemingly descended from a race of superbeings, he stands for all that is right and good in the soccerverse.

7) Sterling Archer, Archer — Cristiano Ronaldo
Both absurdly talented at their respective careers. Both insensitive douchebags.

8) Charlie Kelly, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia — Carlos Tevez
The diminuitive wildcard. Throw him in, and you’ll get plenty of effort. Perhaps not to the effect you had hoped.

9) Jimmy McNulty, The Wire — Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Extremely effective, central to successful operations, disliked by his superiors because of his disdain for authority.

10) Barney Stinson, How I Met Your Mother — Ashley Cole
Really, we could have picked from any one of the womanizing soccer players. How could you possibly cheat on Cheryl Cole? One of life’s great mysteries.

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1 Response to The Tuesday Ten

  1. Had some great laughs at this one guys, good job.

    I think some Real fans might disagree with your 6s & 7s…

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