The Tuesday Ten

Would You Rather Edition. 

We here at The Other 87 feel that soccer, like life, is full of tough decisions. With that in mind, we present to you our Soccer Would You Rather’s.

  1. Would you rather lose a World Cup Final for your team by missing the game-winning PK or by contributing an own-goal in a 1-0 loss?
  2. Would you rather your team win the title next year, or your team lose but your rivals never win it again?
  3. Would you rather have a FIFA ExCo member or an MLS referee presiding over your murder trial?
  4. Would you rather have to bet your life on Fernando Torres scoring in a league game, or Lionel Messi not scoring?
  5. Would you rather have tickets to a World Cup semi-final or a Champion’s League final?
  6. Would you rather take a Roberto Carlos free kick to the face from ten yards or a Ryan Shawcross two-footed tackle, studs up, at full speed, straight to the shin?
  7. Would you rather have to watch the replay of every 0-0 draw in Serie A the day it happens, or every World Cup third-place match once a month for the rest of your life?
  8. Would you rather score a tap-in in a Champions League final, or the most ridiculously impressive single-handed beat-five-players then chip the keeper Cantona-style golazo in a friendly? Your team loses both games
  9. Would you rather go through the rest of your life with Carles Puyol’s or Neymar’s hair?
  10. Not this! Anything but this!

    Would you rather let Cristiano Ronaldo punch you but you get to score on him in a match, or get to punch Cristiano Ronaldo but he gets to score on you in a match?

We know these ten are just a snow cone off the tip of the iceberg here, so let us hear your ideas. Tweet @O87Minutes with the hashtag #SoccerWYR (or #FootballWYR, if you prefer), and if we see enough good ones, we’ll post the ten best to our site next week.

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