The Tuesday XI

Movie Monster Edition 

Since you’re likely still recovering from your Halloween hangover (be it candy-induced or otherwise), we thought it’d be a good time to stick with the scary theme and bring you our own monstrous line-up. We figure a team like this ought to be a nightmare to play against, so we’ve lined them up in an old school, catenaccio formation, which you can find a primer on here.

Here’s our side:

GK – Michael Myers – No shot ever fazes him. Neither does getting stabbed, set on fire, thrown out a window, dropped down a mineshaft, decapitated, or nearly anything else.

SW – The Mummy – A little slow now as age has caught up with him, but he’s still able to keep our defense tightly organized.

Sorry Benecio, this Wolfman.

LB – The Wolfman – Transforms from a mild-mannered defender into a ferocious attacking force down the wing.

CB – Jason Voorhees – Our big lumbering man-marker that you’d have to go into outer space to shake, and maybe not even then.

CB – The Great Pumpkin – Has a talent for keeping opposing players occupied, even if you don’t really notice he’s there.

DM – Dracula – Sucks the life out of opposing attacks with his timely tackles and knack for interceptions.

CM – Freddy Krueger – Lulls defenses to sleep with his deep positioning and short passing before unleashing a killer 40-yard pass

RM – Slimer – Wreaks havoc all the way up and down the right wing. You’ll need a proton pack to have any hope of slowing him down.

LW – Jack Skellington – He may cut inside too much as he’s caught between his role as a winger and his desire to be a forward, but his long legs and nimble footwork mean he’ll succeed however he plays.

Deep-lying forward – Norman Bates – Famed for using his head fakes and movement to disguise his true intentions before slipping a dagger-like ball through the defense.

CF – Frankenstein – Our towering target forward didn’t have a good head on his shoulders, so we found him a new one and bolted it on.

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