Tuesday Ten: Occupy FIFA

Corruption. Injustice. Obscene profits. In this week’s list, we’re assembling a crew of famous footballing names to Occupy FIFA. They won’t rest until they bring down the soccer juggernaut (and Sharpie a moustache on Blatter while he’s sleeping). Or until it’s time to power-wash.

1. Kyle Beckerman: Our front-man. Sometimes looking the part is 90 percent of the battle.

Come at me, bro.

2. Edgar Davids: We need someone who is resistant to the onslaught of pepper-spraying policemen, and Davids has the ocular equipment to lead the line.

3. Alexi Lalas: Don’t let the suit he wears these days fool you; he wants to be out there fighting the power.

4. Mario Balotelli: We need someone to draw an inordinate amount of news media attention while not necessarily doing anything.

5. Joey Barton: He’s no stranger to run-ins with the police.

6. Antonio Cassano: The poster boy for our 99% wears 99 on his back every game.


7. Carlos Tevez: Has been a thorn in the side of the soccer world’s monied class since 2007.

8. Jamie Redknapp: Gets to tag along for a few months since he has all of Daddy’s credibility to fall back on.

9. Bicester Town FC: For their experience getting evicted from their ground.

10. Robbie Rogers: Newly jobless, he can help explain what the movement is all about.

Who would you enlist to march on FIFA? Have a set of bongos we could borrow? As always, leave a comment below and don’t forget to follow us at @o87minutes on Twitter.

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