Oh, What a Tangled Web…

A day in the Internet History of Crystal Palace’s Darren Ambrose, scorer of this:

8:04 a.m. Facebook (574) // Darren Ambrose
9:05 a.m. OkCupid (112) // Darren Ambrose
9:46 a.m. Gmail // Inbox (432)
10:09 a.m. 101 Great Goals // Golazo! Darren Ambrose
10:11 a.m. Google // Darren Ambrose, star
10:13 a.m. Physics.org // Football Aerodynamics?
10:27 a.m. Ehow.com // How to Bend it Like Beckham?
10:28 a.m. Google // “Bend it like Ambrose?”
10:29 a.m. Gmail // Inbox (401)
2:02 p.m. Google // Darren Ambrose, Rocket Man
2:03 p.m. Google // Darren Ambrose, Cannon Foot
2:04 p.m. Google // Darren Ambrose, King of the Crystal Palace
2:05 p.m. Google // How do you get a new nickname?
2:11 p.m. 101 Great Goals // Golazo! Darren Ambrose
2:14 p.m. YouTube // Manchester United vs Crystal Palace – Darren Ambrose Goal (FIFA)
2:15 p.m. Google // Wayne Rooney’s FIFA handle
5:16 p.m. Google // Darren Ambrose, superstar
5:19 p.m. Daily Mail // Ambrose to City?
5:23 p.m. Google // How to write transfer request?
5:26 p.m. Google // Michael Owen’s brochure
5:29 p.m. Microsoft //Download Microsoft Publisher
5:41 p.m. Twitter // Sign Up
5:44 p.m. Twitter // DarrenAmbrose’sMightyRightFoot
5:47 p.m. Google // Darren Ambrose, giant killer
6:01 p.m. 101 Great Goals // Golazo! Darren Ambrose
8:45 p.m. Google // Fabio Capello on Darren Ambrose
9:57 p.m. Daily Mail // City: Ambrose? You must be joking
9:58 p.m. Daily Mail // Capello: Ambrose? You must be joking
10:00 p.m. Google // How do you retract a transfer request?

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4 Responses to Oh, What a Tangled Web…

  1. sigh…

    looking like a great year for Manchester – just not the west side :L

    • Wes Pickard says:

      Chin up, my friend. The EPL season is long from over, and if anyone can beat city in that race, it’s United.

      • True story, though the EPL overall hasn’t looked too stunning this season, so I don’t know if that’s saying much. Also, I’ve been sports-starved over here, so I’ll be watching mucho sports when I return – if you want to go watch futbol some weekend, I’M IN.

        see you soon dude, and keep up the awesome work yous guys!

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