The Tuesday Ten

Small Screen Edition 

With Clarence…sorry, Clay Goodson appearing on House Hunters International late last year and Kyle Martino doing a stint this past Sunday on Cupcake Wars, soccer would seem to be having its moment in the sun…if you consider the wellspring and reason behind all life on earth to be hyper-specialized, reality-ish TV programs. We came up with ten more shows that could benefit from a soccer theme.

Probably not actually the Cupcake Wars cupcakes.

1. The Mole – This one probably won’t take off when the Nats figure out the person sabotaging them from the inside is Edgar Castillo during the first episode.

2. Pawn Stars – When a young German comes into the shop with what he claims to be the headband Abby Wambach was wearing when she scored against Brazil, the crew brings in Nike reps, DNA testers, and finally the main woman herself to determine its authenticity.

3. Mythbusters – Can they build a kicking robot that can replicate a Roberto Carlos or a Beckham free kick? How much tainted chicken do you have to eat before you fail a drug test?

4. Project Runway – MLS and WPS stars appear to ask designers to work out functional and fashion-forward kits. Expect lots of griping about Rave Green.

5. The Real Housewives of Madrid – Get it? Get it? Re-al? No? Moving on.

6. Top Shot – Kasey Keller makes a guest appearance in a special sports-themed episode of the marksmanship competition. Contestants put down the firearms, bows, and tomahawks to compete in a different kind of shoot-out, one with penalty kicks.

7. Top Chef – Chef-testants have to prep a German-Mexican-American-themed post-practice meal for guest judge and noted Chik-Fil-A enthusiast Brek Shea and his U.S. national teammates.

8. Top Gear – Ohh wait, they did this one already.

9. What Not To Wear – The wife says they’d put Bob Bradley on, because he dresses like a sixteen-year-old going to the gym. “Look at Pep!” she says. (The wife kind of has a thing for Pep.)

10. Celebrity Rap Battle – Yes, that was a thing. Deuce vs. C.J. Sapong. Done.

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3 Responses to The Tuesday Ten

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  2. Mythbusters: Can you actually fail a drug test by rubbing yourself with STD cream as Marco Borriello once claimed?

  3. Neglected to comment yesterday, but this is one of my favorite Tuesday10s yet guys, props, keep it up!

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