The Tuesday Ten

Last-Gasp Winner Edition

For today’s entry, we bring you the top ten things  Ricardo Clark’s 97th-minute winner against Venezuela made us completely forget.

1. The entire 2010 World Cup, obviously. Welcome back Rico, all is forgiven.

2. Our ongoing scoring record against Western Hemisphere opposition. We just know Herr Klinnsmann’s going to play for the 0-0 draw away at Panama.

3. How bad our U-23 team must be. Seriously, they lost 4-0 to those guys? Sheesh.

4. Teal Bunbury’s meh performance. Apparently his desperation to have the Spanish language announcer once again tell the world how much he likes that Boon-Boo-Ree got him nervous.

Jermaine no make clever passes into attacking third. Jermaine smash!

5. The fact that our main distributor for much of the game was Jermaine “SMASH!” Jones.

6. Those other crucial saves off headers made by Venezuela’s top performer, goalkeeper Jules Winnfield.

7. The one nagging doubt we have about Geoff Cameron, who looked great, but seemed so determined every time he got the ball to say “Hey! Look at my passing range! Look at my ability going forward!” that we’d like to withhold judgment until we see him against a team that’s trying.

8.. Brek Shea’s too-normal hair. A disappointing (hair)day from The Rooster’s comb.

9. The C-team service coming from the fullback areas.

10. Clint who?

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