Happy Super Bowl Monday

We may or may not have had the expressed written consent of the NFL to use this image. Oops.

We here at The Other 87 like to make fun of other, non-soccer sports a lot, but that doesn’t prevent us from partaking in and even enjoying them from time to time. Yesterday was one of those times.

The Super Bowl is a big deal, even for those of us who watch very little regular season football. It’s an institution, a day of celebration: of gluttony, of consumer capitalism, and of mediocre if occasionally exciting sport. And particularly because of that first one, we’ve been longtime believers that the day after the Super Bowl should be a national holiday.

We’re not alone in this. There are dozens of websites and Facebook groups advocating for the same thing. The types of food and booze typically consumed on that day of feasting are best slept off, not digested while sitting around not doing work. To ensure that our dream becomes a reality, we’re taking the day off.

Don’t worry though, we’ll be back tomorrow with a brand new Tuesday Ten, then your regularly scheduled piece of content Wednesday.

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