Oh, What a Tangled Web…


The internet history of Angel Maria Villar, president of the Spanish Football Federation, 24 hours after Spain secured five of eight European semi-final spots.

"How you like me now?"

7:31 a.m. Gmail // Email to Marcelo Bielsa – “I owe you”
7:32 a.m. Gmail // Email to Diego Simeone – “I owe you”
7:32 a.m. Gmail // Email to Unai Emery – “I owe you”
7:34 a.m. Gmail // Email to Pep Guardiola – “I owe you”
7:35 a.m. Gmail // Email to Jose Mourinho – “You owe me”
8:01 a.m. Twitter // Current account SpanishSPL deactivated
8:16 a.m. Twitter // New account LaMejorLiga created
9:59 a.m. Google // Five horse race??
10:31 a.m. YouTube // Falcao wonder goal
11:20 a.m. Babelfish // English slurs and slang
11:24 a.m. Gmail // Email to Sir Dave Richards – “Tu eres un bloody wanker, senor!!!”
12:46 p.m. Pandora // Gypsy Kings playlist
12:50 p.m. Betfair // All-Spanish Euro Finals
1:15 p.m. Paypal // Receipt for purchase of ‘Five Cases of Brandy de Jerez’
1:30 p.m. Gmail // Email from Juan Carlos I – “Thoughts on Real Atletico, Real Athletic, Real Valencia?”
2:07 p.m. Ebay // Congratulations! Your bid was accepted for “Steaming bag of poo”
2:12 p.m. Travelocity // Sorry, the location “Sir Alex Ferguson’s Doorstep” could not be found.
2:17 p.m. Ebay // Order cancellation request filed for “Steaming bag of poo”
3:06 p.m. Twitter // Compose new tweet… – “This is my first and last post in English, since it will soon be a dead language. Jajajaja”
3:51 p.m. Gmail // Email from UEFA – “Fair play rules come into effect soon” moved to Spam
4:03 p.m. El Mundo Deportivo // Barcelona spearheads Spanish resurgence
5:15 p.m. Marca // Real Madrid spearheads Spanish resurgence
5:26 p.m. Facebook // Marcelo Bielsa tagged you in the album “Spring Break Europe 2012 CRAZY!!!”
5:44 p.m. GoDaddy // Domain name change confirmed. ligabbva.com is now THEliga.com
5:49 p.m. SongLyrics.com // Kanye West ‘Runaway’ – “Let’s have a toast for the douchebags // Let’s have a toast for the assholes // Let’s have a toast for the scumbags // Every one of them that I know”
6:06 p.m. Gmail // Email from Asociación de Futbolistas Españoles – “Waiting to be paid :(” moved to Spam
7:31 p.m. Spotify // IAmTheZlatan is listening to “I’m Missing You Like Candy” by Mandy Moore
7:45 p.m. Dictionary.com // Define “Delusions of grandeur”
7:49 p.m. Gmail // Email from Roman Abramovich – “Blank check attached…help a brother out ;)”
7:52 p.m. Paypal // Payment from RomanTheMan received
7:55 p.m. Gmail // Email to Pep Guardiola – “I need to ask a *tiny* favor”
8:09 p.m. Daily Telegraph // Where does La Liga go from here?
8:14 p.m. SongLyrics.com // Mountain Goats ‘Fall of the Star High School Running Back’ – “Nowhere to go to but down down down”
8:16 p.m. LiveJournal // Oh Shit.

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