Oh, What Tangled Webs…

The internet history of Jose Mourinho, coach of Real Madrid, the 24-hours after they lost to Bayern Munich.

4:00a — Myspace // Journal entry: “Woe is a four-letter word.”
4:01a — Netflix // Caligula
5:45a — Netflix // Titus Andronichus
7:02a — Netflix // The Bicycle Thief
9:00a — Myspace // Journal entry: “Can a champion ever truly win?”
9:05a — Google// “Jose Mourinho”
9:06a — Google// “Jose”
9:07a — Google // “Mourinho”
9:08a — Myspace // Journal entry: “Nowhere to go, nowhere to run, when you reach the summit, where do you find your sun?”
9:12a — Gmail // Email to onefergiechampion@gmail.com. Subject: “Do you ever get that feeling that there’s nothing left for you to do?”
9:13a — Gmail // Email to PepcidFCB@gmail.com. Subject: “It would kind of be like a cookie swap.”
9:14a — Gmail // Email to cristianopeerless@gmail.com. Subject: “After all that PK practice…”
9:15a — Gmail // Email to thedutchmagicianCruyff@gmail.com. Subject: “Give me advice without all that other s$#&.”
9:16a — Gmail // Email to theflorentino@gmail.com. Subject: “Is La Liga not enough? Eh, it doesn’t matter.”
9:17a — Myspace // Journal entry: “Pictures of mine eye, that has seen the glory, of the coming, of… of… of…”
9:22a — Netflix // The Grave of the Fireflies
11:45a — Netflix // 21 Grams
1:08p — Netflix // Requiem for a Dream
4:00p — Google Books // The Prince, Niccolo Machiavelli
4:44p — Google Books // The Battle for Gaul, Julius Caesar
5:02p — Google Books // The Military Maxims of Napoleon, Napoleon Bonaparte
6:28p — Myspace // Journal entry: “If football is a war, its players are foot soldiers, its managers are generals, and its owners are dictators…”
6:30p — Netflix// D2: Mighty Ducks
9:11p — Google// Where can I find an empty soccer field to kick a ball around in?
12:05a — Myspace// Journal entry: “I know what I have to do.”
12:06a — Gmail // Email to theflorentino@gmail.com. Subject: “A business proposal…”
1:10a — Gmail// Email to sidlowe@guardian.net. Subject: “I just bought Real Madrid…”
2:36a — Gmail // Email to sidlowe@guardian.net. Subject: “Turns out he thought I was kidding.”
2:38a — Netflix // Boys Don’t Cry

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