Failed Formation Friday: England Edition

So Roy got the job in the end.

And while it’s relatively easy to predict what Hodgson’s side is going to look like, but we can’t help but think of what might have been if some of the other candidates had gotten the job. We’ve gotten a couple of those candidates to explain how they would have set up the side.

Harry Redknapp 

“Here’s an England side who know how to just f*cking run around a bit. Everyone knows the players know best, and that they play best when they’re happy, so everyone who wants to gets to play center midfield, right? It worked for those Barca lads. Nobody can beat those guys…right?

Alan Pardew 

Now this is a lineup that’s always worked for me at the club level. It may look a little static on the board like that, but with smart, proper movement from the outside backs, forwards and midfielders it can be quite dynamic, as we saw when we played…I’m sorry, which team? The England team? Ohh no, no thank you.

Alex McLeish

Well, I admit I was a little surprised to be taking this call after how my last job turned out, but I guess I was surprised to be taking the call for that job after the one before it went so poorly. This squad represents a good balance I think between players with international experience and some of the young guns that we’re trying to bring along, players like Walcott and Johnson and Rodwell and Terry, who swears he’s 18. Or at least that’s what I thought he said.

Marcelo Bielsa

Just tell Roy to try this way. No charge this time.

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