The Tuesday Ten

Mistaken Identity Edition

We sure got a kick out of this tweet yesterday, which got RT’ed by a couple of the people we follow:

The struggles of poor Alex McLeish the girl got us looking for other cases of mistaken Twitter identity from the weekend. Here are ten of the ones we found:

  1. Wrong Yellow Submarine

    @YellowSub – Why yes everyone, we are going down! Down to the magical world of Pepperland!

  2. @Eastland4Th  Can someone tell @SAF that it’s The Avengers, not Rangers, and that the Eastland 4 theater doesn’t have 20 more minutes to put on the end.
  3. @PSG -Well, we’re glad Higuain is interested in the Partei für Soziale Gleichheit, but we’re not sure if he’s the kind of candidate we’re trying to recruit at the moment.
  4. @TheOldLady  – WHAT’S THAT?? You say I’m UNDERFEEDED? You’re damn right, MILDRED’S BEEN STEALING THE ROLLS.
  5. @OrangeCityTX – Thanks everyone! The City of Orange has lots of stadiums we’re proud of.
  6. @ManCity – Here at your one-stop stud shop, you don’t have to wait 44 years to finish on top.
  7. Wrong Bolton

    @OfficialBolton  – Why should I change my Twitter handle? They’re the ones who suck.

  8. @MON – Does anyone know why @RandyLerner keeps sending the Monsanto Company this link?
  9. @OldScholls – Not sure if we’re going to Europe or not this summer, but I think we have plenty of seasons left in us, thanks for asking.
  10.  @ManciniFanClub – Whatever you guys say, but we always thought this was our finest hour: 

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