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Tuesday Ten: Fast Food Superlatives

Make every time a good time. We love to see you smile. Have you had your break today? Foods, folks, and fun. Over the years, the marketing team at McDonald’s has produced some of America’s most recognizable campaigns. You’d be … Continue reading

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The Toughest Coaching Job in the World

We’ve seen it all before. The intelligent coach gets bullied by affluent team supporters or owners and if they would just relax and let him do his job effectively the team would win. See Friday Night Lights (film and TV … Continue reading

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The O87 Mailbag

We here at The Other 87 get a lot of fan mail, and until recently we’ve been nervously stuffing it in the freezer like Andy from Parks and Recreation. But now that we’re pretty certain our parents aren’t the only … Continue reading

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The Greatest Show on Earth

Let’s get real about soccer superlatives. I’d like to pose a hypothetical, and if you’ll bear with me, it will indeed become germane. What if Leo Messi were a movie?  No, I don’t mean in a movie. Eric Cantona and … Continue reading

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The Tuesday Ten

Last-Gasp Winner Edition For today’s entry, we bring you the top ten things  Ricardo Clark’s 97th-minute winner against Venezuela made us completely forget. 1. The entire 2010 World Cup, obviously. Welcome back Rico, all is forgiven. 2. Our ongoing scoring … Continue reading

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Cheating the System: A Short-Term Solution for Improving the USMNT’s Next Generation

I told someone Saturday night as we were waiting for the start of the U.S. men’s game against Venezuela that it was a little tougher for me to get excited for the January Camp Cupcake friendlies during an Olympic year, … Continue reading

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Ask Me Anything: Clint Dempsey

Our mission has always been to provide you the most up-to-date, in-depth, straight-from-the-horse’s-mouth soccer news. In an attempt to bring you ever closer to that ineffable something that motivates an athlete to don the kit of their club or national … Continue reading

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Lesson in Paradox: Sport in America

“Golden Graham seals famous victory” reads the byline of an ESPN article remembering Swansea City’s somewhat surprising win over Arsenal on the weekend. Famous, because ten years ago Swansea were relegated to the Third Division (now Football League Two), 80 … Continue reading

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We here at O87 value our online freedom as much as the next soccer addict. We’re no politicians, but we understand the importance of protesting SOPA. What you read on that Wikipedia page will be of more use than any … Continue reading

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The Tuesday XI

Legion of Doom Edition Way back in April, in what I’m pretty sure was our first-ever Tuesday XI, we devised a lineup of superheroes, ready to take the pitch against all-comers. Here now at last, we’ve found the comers, an … Continue reading

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