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Football Monopoly Two

Football Monopoly looks at the partnerships that define some of world football’s most talked-about teams, both the on-form and the out-of-shape. Using the board game Monopoly as a model, we assign players to a property set based on their current … Continue reading

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Best lines from Fernando Torres’s post West Ham match interview

10. I’m celebrating with a haircut and a shave! Erm, well, a haircut. 9. To score against a title contender like West Ham meant a lot. 8. I couldn’t have done it without my friends Dzeko, Balotelli, and Chamakh. They … Continue reading

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The International Football Transfer Market

Don’t pretend you haven’t thought about it before: If only my country had a player like Player X, we’d go all the way to the finals of International Tournament Y (before inevitably losing to Spain).  Well now’s your chance to get him, because the … Continue reading

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The Tuesday XI: Superheroes

Because sometimes the Tuesday 10 goes to XI: This week, in honor of last Friday’s “League of Extraordinary Footballers” post: The Superhero XI For our formation, we’ll break out the Magic Rectangle, tilted slightly all the way through, with the … Continue reading

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The Ineffable (Inevitable?) Problem with Theo Walcott

“You’ve been shite son, in your daft pink boots – absolute rubbish.” —Richard Keys on Theo Walcott during a UCL match against Barcelona One odd debate in sport (I’m referring to perception in the media) revolves around the question of … Continue reading

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The League of Extraordinary Footballers

Ever wondered what would happen if modern footballers were superheroes? Well, we here at O87 decided to answer that question. We present to you The League of Extraordinary Footballers, a team of superheroes with, ahem, amazing abilities. Each player is … Continue reading

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Poetry Corner: In White Hart Lane

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The Maradona of Bari, Part III

The rise, the fall, the return, the fall, the return, and the fall of Antonio Cassano. III: The Boy Who Was a Rough Kid from the Streets There is an anecdote which describes adequately Cassano’s troubled relationship with Bari and … Continue reading

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The Tuesday Ten

Things Sir Alex Ferguson has put in his mouth during a Premier League game. Obviously, a stick of Big Red. This phone. Wayne Rooney’s ear. A silver bust of Brian Clough. Blood pudding baked on bed of nails. The entire … Continue reading

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The XI People You Meet in Pickup

We’ve all seen these people before. The vast majority of pickup players are normal, solid players. But if you’re in a game with at least seven other people, there’s a good chance that at least one of these guys or … Continue reading

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