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Never Mind Your League, Here’s The EuroLeague Cup

What if we could determine the best league in the world once and for all? Wait. We can. There’s something magnificent about Yahoo Answers. I don’t even mean in a goddammit-there’s-a-whole-lotta-stupid-out-there kind of way, although that’s certainly part of the … Continue reading

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The Tuesday Ten: Oscar Edition

We get in the spirit of one of the most glamorous nights in Hollywood….ah, who are we kidding, we were bored as sin too. Here are the last ten UCL Champions and the ten Best Picture winners that most closely … Continue reading

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Raising Players: Soccer and the American Development System

Q: Are soccer players better at their game than football players are at theirs? This is a question about development, and how we turn prospects into players. The agreed upon model, in our corner of the sporting universe, is getting … Continue reading

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The O87 Mailbag

We here at The Other 87 get a lot of fan mail, and until recently we’ve been nervously stuffing it in the freezer like Andy from Parks and Recreation. But now that we’re pretty certain our parents aren’t the only … Continue reading

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Finding Our Linspiration

The parable of the unsung hero is a lost American tradition; many of our athletic gods have been knighted as teenagers. Players don’t come from nowhere in this page-view obsessed world. A 90-second Google search now, and we know everything … Continue reading

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The Tuesday XI

Presidents Day Edition Yesterday was Presidents Day here in the U.S. (not that any of us got the day off), so to celebrate, we decided to assemble a lineup of the greatest men ever to hold the office, whether they … Continue reading

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Returned in Mint Condition: Landon on Loan

I’d be lying if I pretended I wasn’t worried. Something had seemed off since at least the summer; even during the Gold Cup the results – a goal, a couple of assists – seem to flatter the play. I said … Continue reading

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Ask Me Anything: Dwight Shrute

Our mission has always been to provide you the most up-to-date, in-depth, straight-from-the-horse’s-mouth soccer news. In an attempt to bring you ever closer to that ineffable something that motivates an athlete to don the kit of their club or national … Continue reading

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Electronic Propaganda: FIFA as a Teaching Tool

One of the joys of being a soccer fan in the United States is the opportunity to convert the unbelievers, to watch as someone who was once indifferent or antagonistic falls in love with the game. To love soccer is … Continue reading

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The Tuesday XI

We Go To 11 Edition In honor of Sunday’s Grammy Awards, we’ve assembled a side of music legends, packed into an Ajax-style 3-4-3. Our selections may skew older, but that’s just because that’s when the real music was made (and … Continue reading

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